Not Just Another


Greasy spoon

We Pride Ourselves On Our Integrity

Our integrity in our relationship with our vendors, our farmers, our staff and of course you. Just like how we trust in how things get done for us to make it all possible to get it done for you.

Trust in us to know that we will never cut corners, unless you don’t like crust, then we will cut those corners for you. We will always get your order out to you quickly, unless you’re going to grab your second cup of coffee. We think you get the idea, we are here to do this right and to do it for you.

Seasonal Fare

You’ve heard it before and I know you will hear it again about how everyone just grabbed their items straight from the farm around the corner.

Well we really did, we also roasted the ham, turkey and beef for your sandwiches today. No over salted deli cuts here, we won’t lie to you though, we do love those deli cuts just like you do.

Responsibly Sourced.
Thoughtfully Served

This isn’t just about food and drink, this is our philosophy on life. Be responsible to who you are and be thoughtful to those around you.

 We will continue to care about our ingredients, our staff, you and all of our community.


Breakfast & Lunch

We serve it up hot, fresh and fast for you seven days a week.

Meals Served

Eggs Cracked

Slices of Toast

Pounds of Butter, lol